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  • Get into a routine and eat your meals and snacks at about the same time each day
    Eat three meals a day, at about the same time every day (not more than six hours apart), and eat balanced snacks throughout the day to help your body stabilize blood sugar.
  • Be active!
    Being physically active will help you achieve a healthy weight, stabilize blood sugar and prevent cardiovascular diseases – all of which are complications commonly linked to diabetes.
  • Reduce your sugar intake
    Your blood sugar level is directly connected to the amount of sugar in your diet. It is therefore important to reduce your sugar intake. Sweeteners (sugar substitutes) can help you reach this goal as they do not have any effect on blood sugar.
  • Watch your weight
    Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight can help you better control your diabetes as well as reduce your need for medication and insulin.
  • A balanced approach to eating
    Do not hesitate to see a nutritionist. In addition to assessing your eating habits, a nutritionist will tailor your diet based on your medication and the seriousness of your illness.

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